PronoKal and Type 2 Diabetes

Helping to fight type 2 diabetes

Safety and efficacy of the PronoKal Method for rapid weight loss in type 2 diabetes

An article in the Health section of the Daily Express online yesterday reported statements by Prof. Rob Taylor of Newcastle University, a leading expert on type 2 diabetes, highlighting yet again not only the dire effects of #diabetes on the individual, but also the enormous expense to the country’s health system (£1.5 million every hour!).
Prof. Taylor states how radical weight loss on a very low calorie diet can normalise the blood sugar levels within 7 days.
The Diaprokal study, published by PronoKal in 2016, looked at the efficacy and safety of a very low calorie ketogenic diet, the PronoKal Method, in type 2 diabetes. Compared with a low-calorie diet, the PronoKal Method achieved 3-times greater weight loss and a 2-times greater reduction in waist circumference; 85% of PronoKal patients achieved a weight loss >10% compared to 17% in the low-calorie group. Average blood glucose control was significantly better with the PronoKal Method, shown by a more significant fall in HbA1c and a significantly greater improvement in insulin sensitivity (HOMA) in the PronoKal group.
PronoKal is dedicated to health through weight loss and healthy lifestyle with long-term follow-up. The PronoKal method achieves excellent results in type 2 diabetes and could help to reduce the impact of diabetes both on patients and on the health services.

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