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Dr Philip Bazire

After training at UCLH (London), I then specialised and worked in General Surgery and in Out-of-Hospital Emergency Medicine in Spain, working in Madrid, Orense, Segovia and Zamora. 

During my years of clinical practice, I have become very aware of the effects of diet and lifestyle on my patients, leading me to undertake further postgraduate training to increase my understanding of the role of diet and lifestyle in health and disease, and of how correct control of these factors can improve patients’ wellbeing.

In a master’s course in 2012-2013, I studied nutrition with a particular focus on micronutrition and weight loss. I now dedicate my time to helping people with weight problems regain a healthy weight and reduce their risk of chronic disease or the impact of these diseases on their life. 

I started to prescribe the PnK Method by PronoKal in a clinic I set up in Zamora (Spain), achieving excellent results. This very low calorie ketogenic diet enabled me to achieve much greater weight loss than had been possible with other diets, and patients maintained their motivation due to the rapid results and the absence of feeling hungry.

Now, as manager of PronoKal UK, based in London, and as a prescribing doctor for this method, I am able to offer my patients the ultimate in evidence-based non-surgical weight-management programmes, helping them to achieve a healthy weight, feel good, and look forward to the future. This programme has the great advantage of control by a multidisciplinary team with the full backing of the Medical Department of PronoKal Group and motivational support guided by the highly specialised Coaching Department.

Patient Co-Ordinator

PronoKal UK has a person designated as the initial point of contact for patients who fill in the information request form on the PronoKal website.  

This person will give you a full explanation of the programme and how the whole process takes place, helping you to decide whether this could be the right approach for you.

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Nutritionist Coaches

I work closely with the nutritionist coaches at PronoKal UK, Goli and Bhumi. They are available Monday to Friday to see patients and help them with all the practical issues that may arise, as well as monitor their progress and provide all PnK products for the programme. They know the products very well and can help you choose the ones that you are most likely to find to your taste. Furthermore, they are trained in motivational counselling to be able to give you support through your whole weight loss journey. When you sign on to the PnK programme, you will be able to see them as often as you need (by appointment) to help you succeed in your objective.

The PronoKal Group Medical Department

The company is very active in research, aiming always to include the latest scientific findings in the PronoKal programmes to ensure the highest safety and efficacy of all our methods. The Medical Department designs and undertakes training programmes for all PronoKal prescribing doctors, providing regular follow-up courses to review the latest developments and giving doctors additional tools to help them provide an even better service to their patients. I am the doctor responsible for delivering these courses in the UK and Ireland.

The department is available to all prescribing doctors to clarify any doubts they may have about the programme and to help them with complex cases, when the diet may have to be adjusted to individual needs. So you can always count on PronoKal doctors having access to the latest information from those who know most about the diet programme.

Coaching Department

The PronoKal Group Coaching Department has worked hard over many years to develop tools to help patients on their journey towards a healthy weight. The latest programme has great motivational encouragement that patients can use to ensure completing the programme and maintaining their success into the future.

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